Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Services

Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Services is a family owned & family run small business based in Sydney Australia that services directly to Vava'u Tonga from Australia, USA, New Zealand, Hawaii, Japan, China, UK, Europe and world wide ❤ 

 We aim to support the community in various services that many may or may not be familiar with , our vision is to make life that little bit more simple for anyone and everyone. The services we provide aim to assist the community and those around the world to not only keep in touch with their roots but benefit from services and products that usually maybe unavailable or difficult to obtain by some.  We also aim to keep the community and families connected especially during unprecedented hard times.

Thank you to all those that have contributed & supported this foundation business & it's work it has been greatly appreciated. Please note for all shopping we charge a small fee to help assist with the cost of running the foundation & its projects. 

Ofa atu & God Bless

Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Services

Our Legacy
Temaleti Kupu Kailomani B.27-08.1957 D.03.05.2020


Hou'eiki moe Kainga ,

Malo homou poupou mai kihe ngaue oku fai he kautaha TEMALETI KAILOMANI SERVICES. 

Kamata he Tokonaki 17 Okatopa 2020 kihe Tokonaki 7 Novema 2020. E fai emau kii lulu monuia e toho he tokonaki kotoa he vahaa taimi oe 17.10.2020 moe 07.11.2020. Koe tikite oku $20 pea koe ngaahi pale 1 , 2 moe 3 oku kehekehe pe he ngaahi uike e 4 oku lele ai emau lulu. 

Fetuutaki mai he ahoni ke ai ha tikite lulu.

Ladies & Gentleman,

TEMALETI KAILOMANI FOUNDATION SERVICES would sincerely like to thank each and every one of you that has supported us and the journey so far we are feeling ever so blessed beyond immense measure.  

Every SATURDAY from Saturday 17th October 2020 until Saturday 7th November 2020 we are holding a raffle giveaway and we will be drawing 3 lucky winners for our prizes each week for 4 amazing weeks. To enter the draw for our raffle the tickets are available for $20 each. 

For more information contact us today.

Good luck to all from

Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Team

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Lamb Flaps (Sipi Kapakapa)

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Just choose your items. Let us know the pick up date & the name, location & contact number of the receiver. Pay for your shopping online or through bank transfer. Once payment is confirmed, we will organise for the shopping to be prepared for collection on selected day and by receiver. We then confirm to you once the shopping has been collected.

Don't forget to give us the senders details - name & contact number & location.

Please note for all shopping we charge a small fee (*appears in checkout cart as TK Foundation Services) to help assist with the cost of running the foundation & its projects. 

Hou'eiki moe Kainga, 

Ko emau sevesi oku vave mo faingofua ki hono ngaue aki. Koe fili pe ae ngaahi koloa oku ke fakaamu ke ave maae famili moe kainga i Vava'u.  Hili eni pea ke fakamahino mai ae aho moe tokotaha tene pick up ae sopingi koeni. Teke totongi leva ae koloa ihe founga ngaue aki ho kaati pangike hemau website pe koe transfer hangatonu pe kihe emau account. Ko ene mahino pe kuo osi lava hono totongi pea temau ngaue leva ki hono teu ae koloa sopingi ke maau kihe pick up hoo famili. Ko ene mahino pe kuo osi pick up ae sopingi mei hemau falekoloa i Vava'u temau fakamahino atu leva aki ae kii lai ta. 

Malo aupito sii mea ngaue aki emau sevesi ke tokoni kihe famili moe kainga i Vava'u. 

Kataki fakamantu atu pe 'oku iai ae kii totongi fee hemau sevesi oku asi atu pe he checkout cart koe (*TK Foundation Services) koe kii fee koeni oku tokoni lahi kihe mau langa ngaue oku fai. 

Ka oku toe iai ha fehu'i pea ke fetuutaki mai kihe +61 421 789 955.

Malo aupito. 

Temaleti Kailomani Foundation Services

Our Business

Kava Tonga

$200.00 per KG or $350 for 2kg
Available for pick up in Sydney
*Delivery for additional charge
**Postage additional charges 


Kava Tonga

Construction Contractor

We are relatively new in the concrete industry but our reputation speaks for itself. We aim to provide outstanding service to all jobs regardless of whether it be big or small. 


Construction Contractor